Pie Hill Farm

A Few Words About Us

The house at Pie Hill Farm was built in 1810. We are proud to boast 27 acres of property and two beautiful barns (one recently completed in 2017). Pie Hill Farm is dedicated to caring for and about the horses under our roof. We strive to meet the needs of every horse and their owner, and receive a number of repeat boarders and referrals due to the level of our service and facilities. Under Marcy Mejia, Pie Hill Farm is dedicated to provide a positive, inclusive, and safe location for horses and their owners. We encourage anyone looking for a home for their horses in northwest Connecticut to consider our boarding at Pie Hill Farm. 

Meet the team

Marcy Mejia

Marcy is the owner (alongside her husband, Luis) and primary caretaker at Pie Hill Farm. Originally from Milford, CT - as a young girl, she became obsessed with horses and found her way to WW Acres horse camp in New Hampshire. When she moved to Pennsylvania in 1989, Marcy was finally able to have her own horses in her backyard. In 2007, after returning to Connecticut four years earlier, Marcy took over Pie Hill Farm and has worked tirelessly since to provide a happy, peaceful, and safe environment for horses and their owners. 

Luis Mejia

Luis has dedicated his life to loving horses and is an avid polo player (pictured below). Marcy and Luis's horses at Pie Hill are Harley, DD, Petey, and Lucy. You may also see their two weimaraners running around: Scarlett and Ash.